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June 21, 2010


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Ashe Mischief

I have to say, of all the dry shampoos I've tried, the Tresemme is my least favorite. I HATED it, and threw it away after 2 tries (1 to say I don't like this, and a 2nd to confirm). The waterless foam shampoo sounds interesting, though my hair isn't curly or dry... (well the ends are dry, but they aren't the area in need during the summer).

I've been using the Oscar Blandi powder pretty exclusively this summer to touch up my hair and keep it from getting to oily in this gross Southern summer. It's not my favorite, but it's by far the best bang for your buck when it comes to dry shampoos....


Oh no really? I really liked it! I'd used the Bumble and Bumble one before (which is good but very very expensive!) but these are my only forays into dry shampoo... great tip though! Thanks Ashe!

Glory Nevin

There's another one you can try, Salon Favorite, it has keratin in it and smooths out your hair. its great fro dry and frizzy hair. Ive been using it for a couple of weeks now and i can really see a big improvement in my hair. i live in Florida and weather and hair do not get along here, but after I've been using this line and can towel dry it and go out and my hair still looks amazing!
you can order it at www.salonfavorite.com

Herve Leger

In order to purpose concerning trust, and provide any reasoned (and reason-responsive) security regarding trust as a possible added sounding opinion worthy of specific thought, Now i'm desperate to enjoy. My partner and i undoubtedly offer the particular lifestyle with the sensation regarding trust; just what I must notice can be a reasoned soil when planning on taking trust significantly as an easy way to getting for the fact, rather than, point out, merely as an easy way folks ease and comfort by themselves and also the other person (a worthwhile operate that we carry out acquire seriously). Yet you must not assume myself to be able to go with the protection regarding trust being a way to fact when with virtually any level an individual interest ab muscles dispensation you might be apparently wanting to rationalize. Prior to deciding to interest trust any time purpose provides an individual guaranteed in to a nook, think of whether or not an individual genuinely wish to get away from purpose any time purpose will be working for you.

Which hair regrowth products are effective?

I would have had Britney Spears say the real reason she shaved her head at the peak of her mental breakdown was because she wanted to improve her hair growth and not as a way to avoid a potential drug test.

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