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November 12, 2010


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Rachel (rachellucie)

A wonderful post, and thank you for sharing what must be an eternal sense of loss for you. but what can you do when people hide it so well? I have suffered depression at times, and it can lock you into a place that seems ok from the outside, but really isn't.

TWLOHA is such a wonderful campaign, and if it even helps one person, that's reward enough.

thanks for promoting the cause
Rachel xxx
(and the 'love' looks wonderful, by the way!)

GetReadySetGo Rachel

i agree with every thing rachellucie wrote. perfectly put.
just one person makes a world of difference.

thank you for posting and supporting this cause.
another rachel


this post is so eloquent, and touching. a beautiful commemoration for who was, im sure, a beautiful soul.

- through the eyes of a pearl
- vintage shop


and by the way, im purchasing her book (:
a close friend of mine named justin who is equally enamored by her poetry is also buying the book.

we have a poetry blog litsex.wordpress.com :] we will continue to spread the word.

- through the eyes of a pearl
- vintage shop


thank you so much Dennica and the two Rachel's. Your support means a lot.



Amazing, touched me to tears!


Laura Connell

Thanks for this post. I love what you said about worshippin God outside in a field being better than Church. I've always felt more in touch with God being outside in the world He made.


to write love on her arms in an amazing organization. i love knowing other people participate in this day!


Super late comment, but this is beautiful and powerful. So many people suffer from depression. I've endured the ups and downs since my teens, and I've meet people who have been wonderfully supportive and others who have cast me away because I represent everything they fear. I'd never heard of the organization, but I am definitely interested now!

Love that you've done this and you've definitely done your bit to help increase awareness!


Wow. You are very strong to share something like this. TWLOHA is a great organization and I am so glad to hear about other fashion bloggers who support them and participate in TWLOHA Day.

I have suffered with clinical depression off and on my entire life and about a month ago, I almost lost my younger sister to it as well. She attempted to commit suicide but thankfully, survived. Much like your friend, my family and I had no idea my sister was suffering at all. Neither did her close friend. As well, one of the main ways she deals with her pain and expresses herself is through her art - sketches, paintings, etc.

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. You are truly a strong woman and an inspiration. Thank you for everything that you have done to raise awareness and offer support!

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