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May 05, 2011


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Ashe Mischief @ Dramatis Personae

I wrote about my own experiences with Shoe Dazzle (here:http://www.mischiefmydear.com/dramatispersonae/2010/shoe-dazzle-kim-kardashian-review/) and will say that I ended up canceling my membership without having purchased anything. I was able to find the same styles (different colors) on Amazon for cheaper, and was always disappointed that such cute styles would be on the main page but not in my options. They rarely gave me flats or anything low... if those Miu Miu-esque had popped up, MAYBE things would be different!

I think I was so burned on Shoe Dazzle I didn't care to try any of the others. Though leather options ARE nice... and how cute is that bag?!


Thanks for your input Ashe! Shoe Dazzle does have a totally flat section now - which is cool, but yeah overall you can get cheaper elsewhere but at least there's no commitment!

Shoe Club Gal

Hey Kelsi,

Love this road test that you did! I've also had a chance to check all of these clubs out. Posted my thoughts on them at http://www.shoeclubreviews.com

I was wondering though if you had a chance to try the newer ShoeMint site out. IMO they are a bit too pricy for what you get, but I would love to hear your thoughts!

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